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“The happiest stutterers, I learned, are those who are willing to stutter in front of others.”

John Stossel (American television personality, author, and libertarian pundit, ABC News and Fox Business Channel)


When you’ve suffered from a stutter for as long as you can remember, it can feel as though it holds you back from all kinds of things in life – dating included. But there are two things always worth remembering. One: Your stutter is not a character flaw and isn’t something to feel ashamed of. Two: If you want to improve your enunciation and technique, then help is available.


Steadying your stutter takes time, patience, and practice, but there’s no need to wait before you date. There are all kinds of ways to make a spectacular first impression on your prospective partner.


The Odds Are Already In Your Favour


It’s worth considering the ways in which you’ve met your date and the advantages this can bring.


Online dating has exploded in popularity during the last decade. This gives you an easy way to let your date know in advance that you have a stutter.  By doing so, you may even find that they are surprised at how little you stutter in “real life”.


Perhaps friends or family have “played cupid” and set you up with one another. If so, check with your friend if your date has been clued in about the fact that you stutter. If so, great! If not, no problem, just ask them to have a quiet word beforehand.


If your date is an existing friend or work colleague then your work is done. They already know you have a stammer and have agreed or asked to date you. Your stutter clearly doesn’t bother them. You’re already onto a winner!


Don’t Shy Away Because You Stutter


If you’re heading out on a first date, nerves are natural 1. Remember that the person you’re meeting will be feeling shaky too, so take plenty of deep breaths and try not to overthink the evening.


If possible, mention your stutter in passing at the start of the date. This way, your date will be aware early on and it won’t become an “elephant in the room”. It will also show that you don’t regard it as a flaw – which reveals self-assurance and confidence.


70 million people worldwide stutter. This means that (unless your date is an unemployed social hermit with no friends or family) there is every chance they will already have met someone who has a stammer.


Be Yourself – Always

Your stutter is a part of you – for now – but it does not define who you are. Be open, honest, and genuine when you’re dating, be it for the first time or with someone who you’ve been seeing for a while 2. That’s the most important thing of all. The chances are your date won’t be anywhere near as bothered by your stammer as you are, so feel free to take your time when you talk and don’t try too hard to make a great impression.


It’s a cliche but do your best to relax and be yourself, whatever the circumstances. As Billie Joel once sang, the right person will accept you “just the way you are”.



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